Fluorine-butterfly valves main use and the matters needing attention

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Lined valves and pipe fittings  are applied quickly in the oil, printer and dyeing, chemical industry along with the rapid development of modern industry,
As the first choice of the  project has attracted great attention to engineering  design and working company , has a great potentiality in the market.

Lined valve has the double function of switch and adjustment,  which can control the open-close fluently without effect the flow rate for ensure the continuity of flow . Open slowly to reduce the instantaneous pressure impact  on the instrument , like as add one more damper to increase  service life of the valve greatly.   Lined valve is specialized in control the strong corrosive medium , Body cavity will be covered by  kinds of fluorine with good strength and corrosion resistance and suitable for different working temperature , pipeline 

Lined valve price is moreexpensive and work in critical environment with harmful chemical or strongcorrosive acid-alkali or organic solvent, If use improper , it will cause big enconomy losing and serious  consequence . Proper use and maintain lined valve can help to prolong service life andavoid any accident happen, ensure the pipeline work well .  Therefore, Following points should be noted :

1, Read carefully  the productinstruction before use.

2, Use according thespecified pressure ,temperature and applicable medium of  the range of the nameplate and manual 

3,When use the valve to prevent too bigstress caused due to  temperature change.Minimize the temperature and add the U typecompensator between the valve.
4,It is necessary to take measure to remove and limit thedecomposable factor of unstable medium  as the  unstable and decomposable medium  ( which will lead the volume expanded and caused working pressure increasedabnormally ) effect  the valve damage andleakage, It isforbidden to switch lined valve by lever , and note that the lined valve open-close indication of location and  limit device, don’t inflict the strength toclose  to  prevent  premature  damage of  fluorine of sealing face  when open and close on the right position

5, It is necessary to take measure to remove and limit the decomposable factor of unstable medium  as the  unstable and decomposable medium  ( which will lead the volume expanded and caused working pressure increased abnormally ) effect  the valve damage and leakage, 

6, It is forbidden to change the packing under the pressure when the lined valve apply in the toxic , flammable , explosive and strong corrosive medium. Although the lined valve with upper sealing function design ,  it still do not suggest  to change the packing under pressure. 

7, For the pipeline with  pyrophoricity  medium , should take measure to keep ambient  temperature and working temperature not exceed  auto-ignition point , prevent the risk caused  from sunshine and outer fire. 

8, It should take measure to eliminate  if the pipeline with  the long and severe vibration  , and avoid the lined valve damaged .

9, The fluorine sealing face is soft and easily damaged by the crystallizing mediums, solid granule during the lined valve use, should maintain and change the sealing part 
timely after the discovery  

10, It should change the sealing parts timely if  the sealing face damaged prematurely  when the part-apply  as adjust the flow rate during lined valve use.

11, Usually the flange of lined valve without gasket, it can screw up the nut of middle flange to remove the leakage if the middle flange caused leakage. We should maintain the sealing face or add the middle flange gasket to eliminate the leakage if the middle flange damaged.

12, Unscrew the bonnet nut properly   if the lever and  handwheel  is stiff or couldn’t switch the lined valve, If the movement is still ,maybe the bonnet skewed and should adjust the bonnet correctly.

After adjust and unscrew the bonnet but still can’t switch lined valve, should disassemble and inspect , clean until problem solved. 

When disassemble the lined valve , should note the pipeline medium of lined valve , whether it is used or new  .  The working operator should  wear the protective mask and gum glove, protective clothes and operate according to instruction if the medium with toxic, 
Inflammable, explosive  to avoid the accident  during the disassembly .

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