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As a whole, our company is, and always has been, focused on ingenuity as a basis of our operations. We are consistently committed to discovering new solutions that function as solutions capable of solving even the most complex issues. In the modern age, this ingenuity is connected to the advancement of technology and more specifically the development of robotic systems within our industry. In recent years, the rapid development of YFM equipment technology along with the enhancement of the equipment itself has brought about the introduction of the first automated OTC welding robot. This system, originally created in Japan, has been imported by YFM in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of welding procedures. Currently, there are eight robots in total as part of YFM’s imported collection which has contributed to a higher quality production process.

For years, experts such as Bill Gates have predicted robots as being the next revolution in the technological sphere and their predictions have gradually become a reality within our society. China, along with the rest of the world, is quickly entering an age where robots are ever prevalent. These systems have been integrated into almost every aspect of our lives and are continuing to expand.

One of the most prominent examples of this growth and its importance can be seen with the Da Vinci robot, a medical system that has already performed more than 20,000 successful operations since its importation. In addition to this, the technology can even be seen within the very vehicles that we drive every day. China’s Baidu has recently announced that it will commercialize driverless cars this year and operate the mass production of them within the next five years. These goals are possible only with the help of artificial intelligence.

With this rapid growth, the presence of fear has arisen due to the worry that these automated systems will take the place of humans when it comes to jobs such as manufacturing. Because of this, many people’s perception of robots is skewed. However, robots are not here to replace humans but rather improve the work that humans are able to do. They function as a sort of tool that is able to enhance the capabilities of workers. In manufacturing industries, they are able to handle the mundane, repetitive tasks while real employees focus on bigger picture responsibilities involving research, development, and innovation.

With the help of this technology, the future holds something that is unlike anything that has been possible before in the working sector. Employees will soon have the ability to shift their efforts away from these common tasks that can be operated by robots so that they can contribute to developing systems and the industry as a whole.

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