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With the rapid development of YFM equipment technology and the improvement of equipment level, YFM has imported the first automatic OTC welding robot from Japan in March 2013, which greatly improved the welding level and improved the work efficiency and product quality. Recently, YFM had brought in another two 6-axis coca robots from Germany into high quality valve processing. At present, YFM has had eight imported robots.

Bill Gates made a prediction nine years ago at the CES conference that "the robot is about to repeat the rise of personal computers". Now the prophecy is quietly turning into reality. What will happen to human life as the age of robotics approaches? Take a look at the development of the robotics industry from the 2016 world robotics conference.

The age of robots is coming. China and the rest of the world will usher in a new era of robotics, with robots likely to be everywhere in 2020. In fact, robots have been integrated into all aspects of life. Take the case of the medical robot, the most successful example so far is the Da Vinci surgical robot, which has performed more than 20,000 operations since it was imported. Not long ago, China’s Baidu announced that it would commercialize driverless cars in 2019 and achieve mass production within five years. The realization of this goal depends on the progress of artificial intelligence technology.

The manufacturing industry has been driven by the idea that artificial intelligence is a threat to human employment, and more people believe that it poses a threat to humanity itself. Therefore, French robot's founder, Katherine Simon says, "we should not feel fear for the robot, should realize from a different point of view on the arrival of the era, such as focus on what the robots can do for human. Robots are not to replace humans, but to improve human labor efficiency. Low-cost labor promoted the rapid development of China's manufacturing sector in the past years, but now Low-cost labor is gone, the population structure is changed, industrial robots will be promising in China manufacturing industry, some simple, boring and repetitive tasks could be instead by robots; And human Can be more engaged in product research and development;

For example, a customer-service robot developed for a bank, mainly responsible for phone calls, completed the work for nearly 6,000 people last year alone. The purpose of creating robots is to serve and assist humans, not replace humans. Robots are convergence with humans, the developing direction of it in the future in terms of logical reasoning, may be able to deal with the heavy work, but the feelings of it is still at the limited area, it takes longer time to improve. The future of robots is to release more young people from physical labor and engage in mental work.

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