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Product Description:

●Lined three-way ball valve has compact structure which permits use where space constraints are a concern. It is the best choice for corrosive diverter valve applications.

●High flow capacity with minimal pressure loss through the valve, thereby reducing plant operating costs.

●Floating ball seat design for bubble-tight shutoff across the pressure range.

●Good sealing performance and easy maintenance.Besides applicable for gas and liquid, it works better for medium with high viscosity, fibriform or suspended soft particles.

●Equipped with spring return pneumatic actuator or quarter-turn actuators, it can be applicable for various applications and becomes popular in control or cut-off pipeline system.

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●It can sustain any corrosive medium in addition to the “molten alkali metals and fluorine elements”. It is ideal products used in chlor-alkali, industrial in organic chemicals, metal and mining, nitrogen and phosphatic fertilizers, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical etc.

●Lining material: PFA, FEP, PO etc.

●Operation methods: manual, worm gear, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuator.

●Youfumi lined three-way ball valves are available as per the needs of applications in additional sizes and other than standard materials.

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