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Cooperation methods: exclusive agency, regional agent, OEM, etc.

Join Condition

1.The enterprise or individuals has good qualifications, credit and financial strength and be able to independently responsible for their own civil liabilities.

2.With good sales channels ,customer relationship, interpersonal and public relations skills.

3.Following YFM agency policy and rule, promote and sell YFM products in agency region after received YFM authorization.

4.With a certain marketing ability, be capable to organize or undertake the marketing work and achieve sales target.

5.Pay a certain amount as YFM agent guaranteed fee.

Join Process

1.Initial communication: Understand YFM scale and brand culture via phone call or visit.

2.Fill agency table: Fill and deliver 《Agency Application Form》

3.YFM approval: YFM will audit and evaluate the potential agency franchisee.

4.Confirmed Agreement: Signed the agreement.

5.Sincere cooperation: Pay agency fund and award the agency certificate as well as the authorization data.

6.Training: YFM will ensure the trainee has the qualified sales ability.

7.Sales Support: The agent fully launches the marketing work;YFM offer all sales assistance once agency required.

8.Sales service: Offer all reception service when customer visited YFM.

Join Instructions

Sales experience: More than 2 years experience in our related industry.

Product range: Lined Valve, Pipe fitting, Expansion joint, Lined vessel etc.

Sales capacity: Have a good profitability and business sense of brand operation.

Fund capacity: With good financial strength.

Sales record: With good sales record, credit class and reputation.

Cooperation concept: Recognizing YFM brand and company culture with cooperating attitude "create brilliant with YFM"

Professional consciousness: Focus on managing the cooperating project as major business.

Join Advantage

Brand Advantage: more than 25 years development experience.

Price advantage: Advanced equipment, Competitive price with diverse types and complete specification.

Advertisement advantage: All sales advertisement will be provided such as B2B, sample, catalogue, CD, magazine, media etc.

Protection advantage: Offer strict protection policy, all the sales performed within agency territory is owned by the agent according to agency agreement.

Big project advantages: Flexible payment terms could be negotiated for big project cooperation, and professional sales and technical team will provide pre-sale and after- sales service.

Fund support: Advanced delivery is allowed when the sales amount is completed.

Yearly refund: Will be refunded within 3 days after full payment received according to specific policy and incentives.

Quick settlement: Extra payment will be done within 3 days once the order payment received.

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