Electric lining specification principle and application of fluorine ball valve

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This product lined with fluorine-plastic,equipped with new type structure of lever ball body and as well as the unique elastic lip-sealing seat has he hi-seat has he hi-sealed performance and lower torque of operation within the large pressure difference and temperature variation range. This product can be acted as switch or adjustment to carry the liquid as gas (including the vapor) in various industrial pipes with strong corrosion such as acid, alkaline and salt etc. The full diameter valve can provide maximum flux and also can be used to clean or cut off the pipe.

This product can be acted as switch or adjustment to carry the liquid as gas (including the vapor) in various industrial pipes with strong corrosion such as acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, chlorine, alkaline and salt etc.

The correct choice of lined electrical ball valve is one of the guarantee conditions that could satisfy the requirement of application in pipeline. If the choice of electric lined ball valve is not appropriate, the application would be influenced and affected the huge loss and negative consequences. Therefore, we should correctly choose the double phase of gear box for the lined electrical ball valve in pipeline.
Lined electrical ball valve’s environment : In additional to pipe data , environment must be noticed too as the lined electrical ball valve is kind of electrical device and would be affected by the environment.

Normally, There are several environment of lined electrical ball valve as following:

1) Indoor device or a protective outdoor applications.
2) Outdoor device with erosion of  wind, sand, rain, sunshine etc.;
3) With flammable, explosive gas or dust environment
4) Damp and hot, dry tropical environment
5) Pipeline medium temperature reaches above 150 ℃
6) Ambient temperature below 20 ℃;
7) Easily by flooded  or inundated
8) Radioactive substances (nuclear and radioactive material test device) environment
9) On ships or dock (with salt spray, mold, moisture) environment
10) With severe vibration and easy to fire site

The electrical device, material and protective way of above lined ball valve  is different and should be choosed according to corresponding electrical device.

Lined electrical ball valve functional requirement:

Regarding to the lined electrical ball valve, the control function is performed by the electrical device according to the project control requirement. 
With the aim of the lined electrical ball valve, valve open ,close and adjustment is controlled by the non-human and computer.  Presently the lined electrical ball valve is not only used for 
save labor cost and also It is important to the project by choose the electrical device and 
corresponding lined ball valve as different  factory’s product function and quality has big difference.

Lined electrical ball valve control :   The  industrial automatical level requirement is keeping up ,on the one hand, the usage of lined electrical ball valve  increases, and on the other hand, the control requirement has become more advanced and complex.  Therefore , the electrical control design is keep updating too. 

The new, diverse electrical control methods will be applied always as  the improvement of science and technology and the popularization of computer applications,  We should choose the conrol method according to overall control.

For example , based on the project requirement, the control principle is different under  control method,  Whether apply the centralized control or single control , Whether link with other devic of sequence control  or apply computer of sequence control.

Lined electrical  ball valve catalogue is just show the standard electric control principle, so the application department should communicate with  electrical device factory for clear technical requirements
Moreover,  we should note whether attach the controller when choose the lined electrical ball valve, Generally controller should be purchased separately . Mostly the controller should be purchased when apply the  single control, as this is more convenienct  and cheaper than unser to design and manufacture.  When the control performance is not satisfied with the project requirement,  should propose to revise and redesign to user.

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