The south-to-north water transfer project 12 drainage systems Diversion billions of cubic meters per year

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The construction of more than ten years, high-profile first phase of the south-to-north water transfer project, 12 formal drainage systems.The economic information daily, the reporter learns from the authoritative department, the first phase of the midline will reach 9.5 billion cubic meters, average annual amount of will greatly ease the Beijing, tianjin, hebei, henan and other regions of the serious water scarcity, four provinces and cities along the about 60 million people will drink good water quality of hanjiang river water directly, indirectly benefit a population of nearly 100 million.Tao bifurcation feeding gate of south-to-north water transfer project from danjiangkou reservoir water diversion, the excavation along the channel, the tang baihe river west across the Yangtze river and huaihe river watershed in mahjong layout pass, along the western edge of huanghuaihai plain, near the west of zhengzhou litsun across the Yellow River, along the west to beijing-guangzhou railway north, basic themselves go to Beijing, tianjin, 1432 km.

The first phase of the midline to the north China plain 20 large and medium-sized cities, including Beijing, tianjin, and more than 100 county (city) to provide living, industrial water, both ecological and agricultural water.Average annual amount of 9.5 billion cubic meters, of which the henan province of 3.77 billion cubic meters (including status DiaoHe irrigation area water consumption of 600 million cubic meters), hebei province, 3.47 billion cubic meters and 1.24 billion cubic meters of Beijing, tianjin 1.02 billion cubic meters.The region's water sector, said the water of hanjiang river will greatly alleviate the local water scarcity.In charge of the Beijing municipal water department said that the 2013 Beijing total water consumption of 3.64 billion cubic meters, of which life water consumption of 1.63 billion cubic meters, more than 1.2 billion cubic meters of the han river water in south-north water diversion project quota to Beijing after the clean water is about 1.05 billion cubic meters, if used for domestic water, enough for nearly seventy percent of Beijing citizens water needed for a year of life.Beijing south-north water diversion project office director Sun Guosheng thinks, at present the total water use in Beijing about sixty percent comes from the exploitation of groundwater, river water into Beijing after can effectively reduce the exploitation of groundwater, greatly improve the water security of Beijing.

But the authorities believe that these areas seriously the problem of water shortage will remain.Because of the excessive exploitation of groundwater, the north China region formed in many years ago, the world's largest "funnel of groundwater, water still cannot effect a radical cure water scarcity phenomenon.Introduction of hebei provincial water resources bureau, the average gap of about 5 billion cubic meters of water resources in hebei, if considering the ecological water use, water deficit reached more than 100 cubic meters.Because of over-pumping groundwater in hebei province, the formation of seven groundwater funnel area, causing ground subsidence, sea water, subsidence taphrogenic and a series of ecological, economic and social problems.

Line a phase of the scientific research investment of 201.3 billion yuan, of which the major projects (including the middle and lower reaches of hanjiang river regulation project) with a total investment of 194.3 billion yuan, danjiangkou reservoir area and upstream prevention and control of water pollution and soil and water conservation engineering investment 7 billion yuan, the engineering construction began on December 30, 2003, last year on December 25.This year on September 21, has completed all design unit engineering drainage systems acceptance, on September 29 were routed through water acceptance to meet the requirements of water diversion.

194.3 billion yuan, according to data from the competent department of the Central Line of main body engineering from four sources of funds, including the central investment 31.26 billion yuan, bank loans 31.26 billion yuan, the south-to-north water transfer project fund 18.02 billion yuan and the major water conservancy construction fund of 104.3 billion yuan.

For people along with their relationship more closely is the south-north water diversion project fund and fund two major water conservancy project construction, the former is associated with water, which is related to electricity.The south-north water diversion project to raise funds only in local provinces and cities, mainly comes from the water price and water resources fee.And major water conservancy project construction funds actually comes from additional electricity charge, according to the ministry of finance released by the ministries and commissions such as the national important interim measures for the use and management of water conservancy project construction fund collection, such as Beijing, tianjin, hebei, henan 14 south-north water diversion project and the three gorges project by directly benefit provinces to collect major water conservancy, power grid enterprise fund, specific collection standard per kilowatt hour of 7 to more than 10 mile range, arranged by the central government for the south-north water diversion project construction, the three gorges project follow-up work, etc.

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