China 3800 city sewage treatment plant capacity and the water quality is still worrying

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But not a sewage treatment plant, or a water plant, power plants, ecological plant, the world's most advanced sewage treatment plant is expected to be born in Beijing.Yesterday, reporters from the "concept of China's urban sewage treatment plant of Beijing location symposium" on, six academicians and environmental experts launched the sewage treatment plant construction projects, in order to alleviate the situation of over load operation of sewage treatment.

Plan to complete construction within five years

Chinese academy of engineering QuJiu fai, plans to use the global latest concept and the most advanced technology, to sustainable water quality, energy self-sufficient, resource recycling and environmental friendly as the goal, in Beijing building a can meet the demand of 2030-2040 sewage treatment of urban sewage treatment plant.

QuJiu fai, China currently has built 3800 cities sewage treatment plant, the total processing power with the United States, but is always there to deal with high energy consumption, sludge production and effluent water quality can not meet the requirement of the water environment, and many other problems.And the construction of the sewage treatment plant, will meet the change of water environment and water resources sustainable recycling needs, greatly improve the sewage treatment plant energy self-sufficiency, reducing dependence on external chemicals and consumption.

In numerous functions of the concept of factory, low energy consumption and energy independence will be a major bright spot.Hong-chen wang, associate dean of renmin university of China environmental water potential is sewage 10 times the energy consumption.In Europe, only taken aiming at saving energy and reducing consumption of effective reform measures, such as its self-sufficiency rate of urban sewage treatment energy can reach above 60%.

This year, according to the schedule of six experts, put forward the concept of plant specific concept connotation, and carries out the location;2015-2016, concept of complete plant engineering design;In the next five years to build China's first concept of sewage treatment plant and put into operation.

Many areas was proposed location

Ideas to the experts, the meeting yesterday, the Beijing municipal water department chief engineer Chen Tie said that at present the Beijing municipal sewage treatment plant are overstretched, mainly is the speed of planning and construction of the sewage treatment plant of couldn't keep up with the speed of population growth, such as before the qinghe river basin planning is the total population of 800000 people, but now has more than 200 people.Chen Tie said, per capita GDP value is high, the residents' cultural knowledge level is high, the objective conditions such as sewage treatment demand decides the Beijing can build such an advanced sewage treatment plant.

During the meeting, the state council development research center, deputy director of the institute resources and environment policy chang jiwen, can choose in huilongguan, suburb area to build the sewage treatment plant, the region a large population, large sewage treatment requirements.Iron law. Chen said that, for the moment, daxing district, haidian district, changping district have the requirement of construction, especially in daxing district after the second airport putting-in-service proactively, around the area to build the advanced sewage treatment plant.

For the construction of the sewage plant, director of Beijing municipal water department Cheng Jing cautious, he said, at present Beijing municipal sludge from wastewater plant, 3000 tons, the future may reach 5000 tons, the new water how to handle these sludge recycle, save energy, all these problems will be considered.

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