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Product Description:

This product adopts trople offset metal seat structure. the seat is metal to metal. so it can be used in high temperature and pressure situation with remaining stable sealing preformance.

The special sealing system can ensure the high sealing performance from ultra low temperature to super high temperature. The new design lower the torque of butterfly valve because disc sealing face is the inclined frustum of a cone shape, each point in disc will break away from sealing ring when it opens, the solid will not be accumulated in sealing face. 

The closing process is through the sealing ring being compressed, and there is no stuck between disc and sealing ring, hence the sealing performance is not influenced by temperature change. The stem sealing adapts the graphite to ensure no leakage, so this product has better safety in anti-fire location. 

This product is widely used in petroleum, natural gas, conveyor and pipe, gas pipe factory of catalytic cracking unit, waterworks, pump stations, sewage treatment, coal mining smelting, heating pipelines, food industry, paper making, shipbuilding etc. 


Structure Features:

Valve body center line and stem line are relatively eccentric

Disc plant and stem are relatively eccentric disc is relatively oblique

Cone sealing face center line forms an angle with valve center line.

The technical characteristic for three-eccentric is during the closing process of disc. The sealing ring contacts the seat, and the positive pressure is equal in sealing ring. Under the situation of no deformation for seat and sealing ring, it can achieve the ideal sealing effect.

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