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Structure Principle:           

It receives the signal pressure outputted by standard electrical signals from regulator (via electric-pneumatic positioner or electric-pneumatic converter), and controls the valve opening angle, so as to change the medium flow, making the parameter of flow, pre-ssure, temperature and fluid level regulated to realize automatical production process.

After pneumatic pressure signal from outside into diaphragm room, this pressure acting on diaphragm to generate thrust, and the thrust compress the spring set, making the push rod moving to drive the stem, leading the valve core open/closed, until the thrust is balanced with the force from compressed spring set and being stable in a certain position of the trip.


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Product Description:     

ZHJP/ZHJM series diaphragm pneumatic control valve consists ofmulti spring adjustable actuator , bottom sleeve and single seat control valve, it has features of volumn ratio smaller than1/3, weight 

ratio smaller than 1/3, but flow capacity bigger than 1/3, low gavity, good shock, resistance, easy installation, performance indicator is better than other same product and equivalent with abroad CV3000 

series control valve. It is widely use in chemical industry, petroleum, light industry, power station,metallurgy and other industrial production in the automatic control system.


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