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Product Description:

●Pneumatic ceramic discharge valve has merits of high wearproof, good abrasion resistance and good eroding resistance. Both sides of sealing performance are choiceness and according to different working conditions it can set the blowing mouth, ash hopper, which is suitable for dry ash system by conveying slurry medium; It is excellent that less ash, no jam, easy maintenance and long life durability.

Pneumatic actuator adopts a totally enclosed push rod type with straight-cylinder driving, which has reliable performance and large output torque, and can work in the harsh conditions, and also can be suitable for mining, papermaking, chemical industry and other kinds of wear dry dust, water, steam media, etc.

This valve is designed for ash removal system, with reliable on-off action, and small starting load. Unique designed concept is that the valve action, when the valve plate to the valve seat sealing surface via mutual grinding and polishing, make it improve abrasion resistance and sealing performance in the harsh conditions.


Product parameter:

Nominal pressure: PN10~PN25

Applicable temperature: ≤250°C 

Actuator pressure: 0.6~0.8MPa 

It can be designed according to customer's requirement.

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