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Lining Processing Specification:

PTFE Lined Pipe By Ram Extrusion

PTFE lined pipes with shortest lengths are around 100mm depending upon nominal bore and the longest lengths is 6 meters for up to DN150 and 3 meters above this. Generally constructed from carbon steel pipe, and stainless steel is also popular for dangerous access area where there is the potential for external corrosion.

Product parameter:

Lining Material:PFA, PTFE

Nominal diameter: DN25~DN300,1"~12"

Length: ≤6000mm (size≤DN150)  ≤4000mm (size>DN150)

Temperature range: -29°C~180°C

Applicable medium: 

Able to transport any concentration of acid, alkali, organic solvents, strong oxidant, toxic and volatile, flammable chemicals.



Specification Instruction:

Youfumi manufactures lined pipe and fittings by compression molding, isostatic molding, injection molding, transfer molding, hot rotomolding, ram/paste extrusion, 3D rotational molding etc. Characters as below:   

Working temperature is high at the range of -29°C-200°C; except the molten alkali metals, element fluorine and aromatic hydrocarbon, 

lined products can be used in any chemical medium.

Vacuum resistance. In the range of -29°C-150°C, it is applicable for vacuum condition. In chemical production, the vacuum condition occurs due to cooling, longitudinal emissions, or medium backflow. 

●High-pressure resistance. Within temperature working condition, it can sustain the working pressure of 3.0MPa.

●Resistance to penetration.  Adapt the high-quality PTFE, to make it of high density and enough thickness after advanced lining processing, make it excellent antiosmosis.

●PTFE advanced lining molding process achieved the status of syn chronous hot expansion or cold shrinkage for steel components and fluorine plastic. 

●Youfumi adopts the standard size according to HG, GB, DIN, ANSI, and JIS etc., which improves interchangeability, to provide convenience for installation. 

Specific Gravity: 2.14-2.19g/cm3 as per ASTM D 792 test standard.

Tensile Rate: 20.7Mpa minimum as per ASTM D 638 test standard.  

Elongation Rate: 250% minimum as per ASTM D 638 test standard.

Manufacture Standard: ASTM D 4895. Operating in vacuum condition within 150°C.






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