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Product Description: 

Lined pneumatic diaphragm valve consists of actuator and weir type diaphragm valve, with fine diaphragm actuator or piston actuator. Fine diaphragm actuator is 30% smaller than old actuator on height and weight, means light type; The inner wall of piston actuator is lined by Teflon with smooth face, high sealing performance, thus this actuator has big thrust and economical application. The inner cavity body and pad of diaphragm valve are lined by Teflon(FEP, PFA) for reach same corrosion resistance. This valve has advantage of simple flow route, no packing box, low resistance and big flow coefficient, it is suitable for close and regulation of strong corrosive, high viscosity and granular fiber media and toxic media. Widely used in petroleum, power, metallurgy, paper and other industrial production in the automatic control system.

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Product parameter:

Lining material: PFA, PTFE, FEP, GXPO etc.

Operating method: Lever, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic

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