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Product Description:

This type of ceramic balI valve is YFM’s first developed high-tech

product featurers PFA Iined body.  lt is compact and good surface 

and widely used in soft particles with corrosion medium, especially 

for high wear. strong corrosion and other harsh conditions. Current 

ceramic valve widely used in petrochemical medicine and water 

treatment industries.

The ball and seat adopts alumina or zirconia ceramic with high

chemicaI stability and hardness (HRC88). The ceramic lined

valve has a very high abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, 

erosion resistance, good insulation The wetted body is fully Iined 

with PFA that has good performance on corrosion resistant.

Comparing to the fuIly lined ceramic valve PFA lined one lower 

the whole weight and also more economic.



YFM Company with their own advantages, will be completely 

unprecedented combination of hard seat ceramic ball valve and soft 

seat lined ball valve. This valve has many advantages of ceramic

ball valve and anti-corrosion properties of lined ball valve, structural 

design of double insurance, truly high corrosion resistance, superior 

abrasion resistance. This valve has been acquired a national patent.

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