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Product Description:

Three-pieces ceramic ball valve is a valve that the ball rotates around the body center line to control on-off, and only trim part adopts ceramic material. It mainly used for quickly cut, distribute and change the direction of the flow medium in pipeline.

Three pieces ceramic ball valve can close tightly only need rotate 90° with small torque by air supply. The equal body cavity provided little resistance with straight flow channel. It suitable for water treatment, gas pipeline, steam boiler, lime slurry, textile, particles seawater medium etc. with characters like compact structure, easy operation and maintenance free. It had been widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical, electricity generation, papermaking and other harsh conditions.

Patent No.:



Product parameter:

Nomnal diameter: DN15~DN100 

Nominal pressure: PN10~PN25 

Applicable temperature: -20°C~280°C 

It also can be designed according to customer's requirement.


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