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Product Description:

The on-off part for gate valve is disc and the movement direction is vertical with the flow direction. The gate valve is for full open and close, two sealing faces form the wedge-shape, of which angle differs from valve parameter, usually 5°. If medium temperature is not high, the angle is 2°. 

Less torque for opening and closing, compared to globe valve. No matter open or closed, the movement direction is vertical with medium flow direction.

Large height, long time for on off, the disc travel is big, decreased by stem, water hammer is not easily produced.

Medium can flow to any of two sides direction. Easy for installation, the two-flow channel is symmetrical.The face-to-face dimension is compact.

Simple structure, compact length, good manufacturing technique, wide application range.

Good rigidity, smooth pass, small flow resistance, sealing face adapts the stainless steel and hard alloy. It has long lifecycle because PTFE packing has good sealing performance and operation is light and flexible.


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