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Product Description:

The disc of globe valve is plug type, which moves along the centerline  of seat and the upper sealing face is flat or cone. Motion type of stem,  also has lift rotating to control air, water, steam, and various corrosive medium, mud, oil, liquid metal and radiating medium etc. It’s very suitable for flow cutting off and regulation. Travel for stem open or close is relatively short, and the change in seat port and disc travel has direct proportion relationship.

Electric globe valve is compact and reliable. Plastic material is widely used as the sealing face, the sealing performance is good, and it’s widely used in vacuum system.

Convenient operation, swift on-off, 90°C only from full open to full close, easy for remote control.

Maintenance free, simple construction, generally the sealing ring is active, convenient for disassembly and replacement.

Wide application range nominal diameter from several millimeters to several meters, from vacuum to high pressure.


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