Xiaojun Liao of secretary of Ningde city inspected YFM again after three years

AddTime:2017/9/11 ReadNum:194

Xiaojun Liao of secretary of Ningde city and mayor of Fuding accompanied by other department leader come to YFM , Xiaoyou Zhu of Chairman of the board showed the show room, production workshop, and held a discussion meeting. For Introduce company development strategy , including technological innovation , management innovation, equipment updating and machine substitution and mechanization of road, which can improve technology and equipment capacity, increase productivity, improve the level of technical equipment and emissions reduction, improve product quality, reduce the labor,After listening the report , Mr.Liao said: I have been to YFM three years before , it was different with now Chairman of Zhu ‘s report is with clear thinking, clear development prospect, and it is very tough affair tobuy new equipment more than more than ten million in such critical economic environment,The municipal government will attach great importance to the development of the enterprise, and strongly support enterprise development, Hope YFM have the confidence to a new step and make more contribution for the economic development of Ningde. 

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