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New and old friends: 

Time flies, things change, in a trice, from the startups in 1989, the corporation has experienced a course of more than 20 years, during this period, our country has witnessed the earth-shaking changes, and our Youfumi corporation, from a small factory, has been developed into a modern enterprise with our own brand, certain scale, high industry status and strong market influence.

In the process of such a long time development, we always give top priority to our product quality, regarding quality as our lifeblood, to form a leading system for complete industrial applications with main products of PTFE, fluorine-lined valves, pipe fittings, compensator, lining container, anti-corrosion pump and etc. Equipped with advanced processing technology and excellent performance, many of our products stood out in the fierce market competition, becoming the iconic products for China's anti-corrosion industry.Ebb tide, the beginning of gold; in 2004, Youfumi spent 66 million to set up Fujian Youfumi high-tech park, adding a beautiful scenery to anti-corrosion industry in China; In 2011, with a total investment of over 50 million , Zhejiang Youfumi new headquarter in China valve city was built, becoming a new milestone for Youfumi development history, laying a solid foundation for next blossom strategy;Looking to the future, Youfumi continue its business philosophy throughout: "take the technology as forerunner,take the innovation as core, take the management as base, take the talent as fundamental", we will integrate resources in a larger scope, preempting industry commanding heights, building environment conducive to new high-tech development; on the basis of the existing industries, broadening business channels, marching forwarder to collectivization and diversity.

With great ambition, Youfumi warmly welcome the industry elite, colleagues of all sections to join us for exchange, we wish to march forward with you together to create a better future, I firmly believe, Youfumi’s career will be more thriving tomorrow!

CEO Speech

Enterprise Introduces

YOUFUMI, founded in Wenzhou China in 1989 by Mr. Xiaoyou Zhu, is a high-tech enterprise specialised in the manufacture of corrosive resistant products for industrial applications. Youfumi is an ISO 9001:2008 approved company and all the products are CE, PED, TS marked where required. Youfumi also conducts 100% quality control tests on all incoming materials to ensure the constant quality and zero defect of its products. 


The production base was built in Fujian in 2004, which cover an area of 60,000 m2 with an annual output of 160,000 pieces. With continues new product development, Youfumi quickly became one of the largest and the most professional manufacturer of corrosive resistant products in industrial applications, and awarded as national high-tech enterprise. 


The new headquarters was established in Wenzhou High-tech Zone in 2011. Align with several colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and national R&D projects, Youfumi made an outstanding contribution to the technical innovation. The product range now expands to include valves, pipes, fittings and vessels etc. that lined with PTFE, PFA, FEP and PP, PO that meet the requirements of all recognized international standards.


In 2016, Youfumi Ceramic Valve & Pipe Co. Ltd, is under construction, the new factory covers an area of more than 7000 square meters, the new company mainly focus on the field of science and technology industry, energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries. The independent innovation of ceramic valve solves the problem of a crystallization, in an effort to create value, we will insist on the management according to law, the honest code of honor, safe production, science and technology innovation, energy conservation and emissions reduction to protect the environment, care staff, to give back to society, to perform a comprehensive corporate social responsibility.

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