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Product Description:

Rubber lined diaphragm valve is a kind of special form of cut off valve. The disc adopts EPDM rubber material as diaphragm, to separate the body and drivingparts and make the stem and disc above the diaphragmto be avoided from medium corrosion, hence, the packing sealing structure can be omitted without causing medium leakage. The diaphragm is easy to replace. The body is fully rubber lined 

to avoid the body from corrosion, prolonging the life span.

Technical Specification:

Design and manufacture standard:GB/T 12239, BS5151

Face-to-face dimension:GB/T 12221, BS5156

Flange standard:HG/T 20592, BS4504

Inspection and test standard:GB/T 13927

Working temperature:≤85°C

Applicable medium:general corrosive medium


Material Specification: 

Body:Grey cast iron/hard rubber

Bonnet/Disc/Hand wheel:Grey cast iron

Diaphragm:Natural rubber 

Stem:Carbon steel

Cylinder/cylinder bonnet:Carbon steel

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