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Product Description:

Pneumatic ceramic rotary disc valve adopt structure ceramic 

sealing(disc and seat are abrasion resistance structure ceramic) with advantage of scouring resistance and abrasion resistance. It has unique feature of open spring double disc sealing structure, flexible on-off and no disc clamped, disc movement is friction different in the tangent direction and generate disc self-rotation during on-off cycle and able to cut and clean residue medium during process. Round-large cavity design has big movement space without block.

Blow mouth, automatic blow device (PLC control), anti-block device should be set as per different medium condition. Suitable for dry ash, coal, slurry etc, popularly used for air power transfer as discharge valve, on-off valve of exhaust valve with advantage of no ash, no block, easy maintenance, long life time.

Working principle:

Valve is opened when air supply into the air inlet from end of cylinder, cylinder axis is expand to drive rocker arm to rotate stem, thus drive disc turn away from seat. Valve is closed when air supply into the front of cylinder, cylinder axis is contract to drive rocker arm to rotate stem then drive disc close to the seat until fully sealed.


Main Performance Specification:

Nominal Diameter: DN50~DN300

Nominal perssure: 1.0MPa

Applicable temperature: ≤280°C

Applicable medium: Dry powder, coal, granule and etc.

Design Standard:

Design and manufacture: GB12237 / API 6082-93

Face to face: GB12221 / ANSI B16.10

Flange end: GB/T 9113-2000 / JB/T 81-2000 / ANSI B16.5A

Inspect and Test: GB/T 13927 / API 598


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